This convent was founded on February 10, 1597. It suffered many damages during the 1621 earthquake.


Its reconstruction began in 1640, but had not yet been completed when Morgan captured the city. The church of the nuns of the Conception - which was unfinished at the arrival of Morgan, since it lacked the tower and its main facade - is one of the best preserved ruins of Old Panama.


In a traditional atmosphere and recalling the history of our country, the Convent of the Nuns of the Conception was inaugurated, founded on February 10, 1597 and considered one of the most important historical monuments of Panama Viejo.


With a value of 350 thousand balboas, the work of restructuring and conservation of the Convent, initiated by the Patronage of Panama La Vieja and financed by Banistmo completed its first phase which provides the performance of characteristic events, weddings and chamber concerts.

Under the responsibility of a team of architects, historians, archaeologists and others, this project seeks the contact of citizens with the ruins to acquire a commitment to the heritage of humanity.


According to Julieta de Arango, executive director of the Board of Trustees of Panama Viejo, those involved in this valuable work always kept in mind that the ruins are national heritage and with professionalism preserved the historical value of these monuments dating back more than 500 years.


Arango says the restructuring was not easy. "To achieve the stability of the ruins we used the roof design, which looks for the most rigid point of the structure, which is the center of the nave; in this ship there is an arch and from there two diagonals were taken that prop up the pinions of the facade, ensuring that the church does not collapse inwards and some pinions with cables that prevent it from collapsing outwards.


Another of the rehabilitations that was executed was the recreation of the arches, with bricks that assure them at the same time. The floors are balsam wood modules, placed on sand. and all the intervention is temporary, that is, displaceable, to facilitate the task of archaeologists in their interventions, without having to disturb the factions of the place.

The Executive Director of the Board of Trustees stressed that the next stage of the project is the construction of a module for the attention of tourist and national visitors, at a cost of more than 70 thousand balboas.



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