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With unprecedented specifications in the Panamanian market, Torre Argos was designed with the return on investment of its end user in mind. Its structure exceeds twice the number of parking spaces per square meter of offices.


The building systems achieve the best contemporary sustainability practices achieving a 30% reduction in energy consumption. Its spaces provide comfort for a modern work environment, naturally lit, and offer gym, terrace, spaces for yoga and other healthy activities.



Height restrictions allowed only seven levels. Located in front of Niklaus Design golf course in the south and an industrial business district in the south.



In order to leave the development rule in Panama where the component of the offices is usually located on a podium of parking lots, the disruptive strategy was to place all areas with rental potential overlooking the golf course. Niklaus Design and all the parking lots located in the back in front of the business district. This allowed the 12,000.00 m2 of rental areas to enjoy uninterrupted views of the green areas. This disruptive construction strategy also allowed all the offices and parking lots to share the same level, being much more comfortable for the tenants to access their spaces.



It is the only building with LEED certification with parking for its tenants at level and offices with magnificent views, this is translated into the highest value per square meter in the market.



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Santa Maria Business District

Argos Tower, 4th floor

Panama CityPanama

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